April 20, 2008

Obama Gets A Pass!

Blog Post from BlackAmericaWeb.com

How come Barry Obama gets a pass on everything he does particularly with Black people? He has purposely not schedule events in the African American community. Do you think he'll be anywhere near a Black church anytime soon? Obama hasn't really addressed any urban issues like empowering economic development in cities, gun control, or the disproportionate effects of the housing crisis that has affected the African American community. Hope. Change. Really? It is because his skin is tan. Does that qualify you to get the support of 90% of the African American community?

Why does he get a pass? Because folks like Tavis, Julian Bond, and Bob Johnson continually sound bitter. It's because of the hatchet debate on ABC Wednesday night. What does wearing a lapel pin of the American flag have to do with being president? Are you kidding me? I'm totally sick of hearing about Jeremiah Wright. (How come the media has completely ignored the fact that Bill Clinton invited Rev. Wright to the White House?)

He gets a pass because you have to root for a guy who is able to remain focused despite the attacks. He gets a pass from me because I know he is running for the presidency of the United States. One branch of the government. He's not running for HNIC.

Now, everybody knows if Obama wasn't running, ALL OF Y'ALL would be so far up Hillary y'all wouldn't be able to see the light of day. So those of you that think Obama is not going to do or say something that might upset you, then think again. Most of us are so enamored with Obama, that we act like this campaign is the preface to the second coming. Just know this, Obama is not going to solve most of your problems. So be prepared.

However, his administration will create an atmosphere that will be conducive for a climate of change. But it'll take more than 8 years for anyone to undo the mess that the Bush administration has created the last 8 years.

Who's more qualified? A Harvard educated lawyer, who chose to work as a community worker, and is now a United States senator, and who is able to bring all people together? Maybe Hillary Clinton. Maybe John McCain is better a choice. Yeah, right.

Tavis and the rest of that crew better go somewhere with that mess!

Yes, Barack Hussein Obama gets a pass.

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