September 21, 2008

Ed Gordon was PAID!!! not by BET, but by National Public Radio

In '05, NPR Paid Gordon $478,000 to Host "News & Notes"

When National Public Radio replaced Ed Gordon in 2006 as host of its daily "News And Notes" hour, it removed one of it's most highly paid host for that fiscal year, according to a tax form filed by NPR. Ed Gordon was Number 4 on its list of the highest paid hosts. He earned $232,932, and he was compensated an additional $245,525 in benefits, the form states.

Gordon, who came to prominence as host of BET News and securing the first and only interview of OJ Simpson following his acquittal in the murder trial of his wife and her friend. "News And Notes With Ed Gordon" debuted in January 2005 after the sudden departure of Tavis Smiley. Gordon stayed until September 2006 after he complained about the show's treatment by NPR. Gordon questioned NPR's ability to connect with African Americans. Gordon now hosts the weekly syndicated "Our World With Black Enterprise" on TV One.

Current host Farai Chideya would not comment on her salary, but she told Richard Prince's Journal-isms "the information was news to me" and that it comes at a time when "News & Notes" "has not been able to access the resources available to us. I don't believe it's appropriate for us to discuss my compensation in strict terms, but I'm glad that Ed Gordon was compensated well, if in fact, he was compensated well. We as black hosts at NPR are aware that we have to fight for every penny we get."

Farai has got to be saying "My agent better get me more money on my next contract!"

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