July 29, 2008

Frank Ski and Wanda Late Night on TV

From the AJC Frank Ski and Wanda Smith are going to get some love on TV, thanks to CW-69. The CW affiliate will air at 11 p.m. a half hour “best of” show with five HD cameras. V-103’s morning show, which is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary in town this fall.
“Now people can not just hear us but see us,” said Smith.
But won’t this mean the morning crew will now have to dress up? “I need an endorsement for some clothes!” she joked. Tom Canedo, the general manager for the CW, said he thinks many viewers who watch his station listen to Frank and Wanda. The morning show draws about 440,000 [listeners] a week, No. 2 in Atlanta only behind WSB-AM. Read more>>

It's not really Late Night at 11pm, but if you ever experienced Atlanta's morning commute, then you need to be in bed at 8PM so you can get up at 2:30 for the morning commute!

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  1. I caught just the end of the broadcast on CW 69 tonight (October 27th) and am surprised at the shock expressed about high fees charged at local metro Atlanta public high schools for students to play football. The fees quoted don't compare to what students who participate in the marching bands at the same high schools must pay in order to participate. Try $1250 - which includes $800 marching fee, $400travel fee, $50 uniform rental fee. It does not cover the cost of shoes, several pairs of gloves, a performance t-shirt or shorts worn under the rented uniform. There are also extra meals and event t-shirts to be bought during the season. Musical instruments cost much more than a football. Parents must provide most of the instruments (exceptions are large tubas, drums, xylophones) as well as pay for repairs and upkeep. These instruments can cost several thousand dollars, even if purchased used. Reaction?


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