July 11, 2008

What was Jesse Jackson Thinking About

Is Jesse getting senile? I mean he had to know the mic was on. Then to make the comment at Fox News... well of all of the channels for this to happen on, it happens at Fox. Hmmmm...

Was he set up or did he know what he was doing? He came out and apologized for something most folks didn't even know or was aware of prior to the apology. Is Jesse that slick? Maybe. Did Jesse put himself out there to bring attention to the whole issue of talking down to the African American community? How dare Obama talk down to African American men in a Black church he was just visiting! Is that the problem Jesse?

Maybe Jesse was upset because Obama comments about African American fathers taking care of their children hit home. Maybe a little too close to home.

Maybe Jesse was going to cut off something that he hoped Obama would use. It seems Obama is not using any of his testicular power at the moment. Obama seems to be taking the middle of the road stance on most issues lately, changing his position, and pandering to a voting block who is definitely leaning towards McCain.

Just maybe Jesse was thinking if he ain't gonna use them, I might as well cut 'em off.

By the way, we can't be that naive to think that Rev. Jackson and most other politicians haven't said much worse behind closed doors and off the record. (Jesse did run for president, so that makes him a politician.) Does that make it right? No. It's just the dirty game we call politics.

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