August 4, 2008

Back to the 80's Experience

Lady B and 107.9 WRNB Rocks the 'True School' at Night
When you're in the neighborhood, you expect to hear LOUD music boomin' from someone's ride; but when you hear RUN DMC, you do a double take... Who's playing that loud ass music? It was a dude driving a city Housing Authority van with a gray beard and bifocals rockin' "It's Like That"...a true Old Head ... looking like the old dude in the club, go ahead Mack Daddy do ya thang playa... shouldn't you be over in the projects doing your job? (lol)
Dude must be listening to the radio? Sure enough it was 107.9 WRNB and the Lady B show. One of the benefits of the syndicated afternoon Mo'Nique show is that Lady B moved to nights from 7-midnight in Philadelphia. It's a nice change to hear something other than a quiet storm/slow jams show on Urban AC radio at night. Especially on the summer evenings when it doesn't get dark until 9. It goes against the grain as far as programming goes, but try telling that to old playa, lookin' like "Uncle Pete" pumpin' 107.9.

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