August 10, 2008

'Black Moses' Isaac Hayes passes away at age 65

The Entertainment Industry Looses Another Giant

Among his many accomplishments in the music arena and in the field of acting, Isaac was the host on his own morning show "Isaac Hayes and Friends" on WRKS 98.7 Kiss FM (from 1996-2001) in New York when the station made the transition from an urban/hip-hop station to an urban contemporary station in the mid 1990's. Read more and Watch video>>

'Walk On By'

Isaac Hayes performing 'Shaft' at Wattstax at the LA Coliseum 1972

Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes and Samuel L. Jackson will star in the film 'Soul Men'

1 comment:

  1. Samuel L. Jackson needs to go into hiding. according to urban legend, death comes in threes.


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