August 7, 2008

The body of a woman found 3 days later at Times Square, NYC Club

Ingrid Rivera attended a birthday party at the club for Lil' Kim on Sunday Night.

Lil Kim partying Sunday night at Spotlight Live

Her body was found stuffed in a utility closet on the roof of the club. Apparently she was hit in the head with a blunt object, possibly a champagne bottle. She was wearing only her undergarments. Ingrid Rivera, was reported missing by her family after she didn't show up at her Queens home after attending the party. Watch video

On 8/8/08: A club worker confessed to bludgeoning Ingrid Riveria and stuffing her body in a rooftop shed during a star-studded birthday party for rapper Lil' Kim, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Thursday. More in the NY Daily News

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