August 25, 2008

CBS Radio takes the lead in Internet Streaming

We love CBS Radio's new beta streaming player. The sound is great and the functions are amazing for an internet radio player.

CBS Radio is making big moves with their player and claims to be the Number 1 online radio player since partnering with AOL Radio, which has added CBS's stations to its own stable of more than 200 channels, including many Internet-only stations. CBS has also unveiled, new software that lets visitors tune into any CBS radio station in the country with a button click and visitors can create their own stations. This app is available on iPhone. On the net you can access their regular broadcast stations and HD stations. The online player performs and functions very much like a mobile phone app. Try it out on V-103's Listen Live button.

We also love the fact that CBS Radio continues to keep their stations local. At stations like V-103 in Atlanta; 95.5 WPGC in Washington, DC; Power 98 WPEG in Charlotte; Hot 93.7 in Hartford and others. No syndication here with great on air personalties as Donnie Simpson, Michel Wright, Big Tigger, Frank Ski, Wanda Smith, Ryan Cameron, Porsche Foxx, and Greg (Skreet) Street.

Now Clear Channel keeps pushing its online streaming player – now in beta with “” There you can access over 700 stations and their "Stripped" concerts. At this time we find the CBS Radio player to be superior to Clear Channel's online player.

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