August 18, 2008

How long will it be before your phone IS your radio?

Pandora is the most popular music app on iPhone, but may have to shut down it's service.

Pandora is one of the nation's most popular web radio services, with about 1 million listeners daily. However they may be on the verge of collapse, according to its founder, and so may be others like it. Last year, a federal panel ordered a doubling of the per-song performance royalty that web radio stations pay to performers and record companies. Traditional radio, by contrast, pays no such fee. Satellite radio pays a fee but at a much lesser rate. As for Pandora, its royalty fees this year will amount to 70 percent of its projected revenue of $25 million. Read more in the Washington Post>>

The iPhone version of Pandora, is outperforming the AOL/CBS Radio app. The Pandora app lets users import their already existing Pandora stations or create fresh ones for their phone. The AOL/CBS Radio app allows you to listen to CBS radio stations across the country like 95.5 WPGC and V-103 WVEE. Both servics are available for free through iTunes.

Also getting into the game is Sirius XM Radio. says GeeksToolBox is developing an application that would “allow the streaming of Sirius, XM and Internet radio to multiple platforms, including the iPhone.” They even got the tentative name of the app: “StarPlayr”, but warn that it’s still in the alpha stage of early (“heavy”) development.

In the meantime do you think they might need a DJ or an announcer? The answer sounds like a "Nah", not anymore.

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