August 7, 2008

The Mack IS Back!

Max Julien Sounds off on CNN's Black in America in radio interview

Max Julien, Goldie in the 70's film "The Mack", was interviewed by Ogbonna Hagins, The Progressive Voice of Talk Radio. Max Julien discussed "The Mack", Sen. Obama, Richard Pryor, his letter to CNN about "Blacks In America". To hear the interview, log into and click Audio/Podcast for August 4, 2008. The show airs Monday evenings at 8pm on 900 AM WURD in Philadelphia.

Max Julien's letter to CNN

Your title should have been "Hooray For White Superiority." I kept waiting for members of the Black Caucus, Black lawyers, doctors, Black business owners or even Black kids on the streets who are proud of being Black and don't care and resent CNN's continuation of fostering the myth of White superiority. You choose a Black family who almost proudly put down other Black people, even though the father suffered as part of the Little Rock experiment.

You include Kanye West, Ice Cube and members of Public Enemy in a blanket condemnation of Hip Hop. Before we leave Hip Hop, Kanye has made a career on spirituality and making positive statements. There is no one in America, White or Black who applauds family life (his wife and kids) any more than Ice Cube who has gone on to become a significant writer, producer and director. Public Enemy has been hated and defamed for years because they have attacked and exposed shows and organizations like CNN for their audacious disrespect of Black people. Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Lupe and Nas are as significant to young White and Black audiences as the President of the United States.

You take Rev. Michael Dyson and proudly present him talking about the racial bigotry among Black people. I can't imagine in all the time you interviewed Rev. Dyson, that's all you could come up with.

I thought I was watching the 6 o'clock news that constantly bombards us with negative images of Black people. I'm still puzzled as to why Soledad O'Brien felt the need to extol whiteness. I have spoken to over 100 people after viewing your show and found only one who didn't think it was scurrilous, objectionable and harmful.

My major problem with CNN has been how quickly they love to point out our faults and how insignificant Black people are to the bigger picture of the world.

I watched your anchors glossing over the fact that White people in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia openly declare they would never vote for a Black man for President. Do you deem that acceptable? And if so, does this mean CNN supports White superiority?

Let me make a foolish suggestion: Stop showing young intelligent Black kids who appear proud because a White person says they "sound white." 90% of the White people I've met, who are not college educated, sound just like the 90% of Black people I've met who are not educated....they all split verbs and so forth. So get rid of this myth of how articulate White people are.

The segment on Black women preached the same inferior nonsense as the segment on Black men . If I had not been into prison reform I would have thought only Black men were incarcerated. I found it interesting and insulting that you only asked the White husband and the White cousin what their families felt about their union. Did it ever occur to you that the Black participant's families might have objected? Or would that have offended your White audience, that the majority of Black people do not view it as an honor to have a White partner?

My final suggestion is that you do a show called "Whites In America" and talk about all of the rapists, serial killers, murders. child molesters and other deviant behaviors that come from that group. Put that show on and then observe your ratings.

Max Julien

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