August 27, 2008

Morning show sidekick at Charlotte radio station sidekick faces arrest after on-air school bus prank

Some things are dumb. Some things are stupid. Then some things are just plain old stupid and dumb.

The morning sidekick for Charlotte's 96.1 The Beat (WIBT-FM) is potentially facing criminal action after boarding a school bus and talking to students and the driver via his cellphone. The prank began with "AM Mayhem" sidekick Cubby boarding a bus carrying elementary school children. They wanted to see if baby faced sidekick could pass himself off as a student. While the 26-year old Cubby interacted with students on the bus, his antics were broadcast live while chatting with the show's morning team for about 14 minutes. Cubby (aka: Jase Edwards Squires) is expected to turn himself into police and face possible charges yet to be determined. The driver of the school bus was suspended by the school district. It's not known if the morning show staff will face any disciplinary action. Listen to the entire prank by clicking here.

See ya Cubby, you'll never work in radio again.

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