August 21, 2008

Stevie Wonder Takes On Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams, Mo'Nique, Michael Baisden and Keith Sweat

Are locals betting on Stevie Wonder's Radio Free 102.3 KJLH over 93.5 The Beat FM?

Every Thursday Stevie sits behind the mic for 'Stevie Wonder Morning Thunder Thousand Dollar Thursday'. Actor Isaiah Washington will be a guest on the show this week to discuss the launch of his 'Reach One Million' campaign.

Meanwhile the mostly syndicated station '93.5 The Beat FM' (KDAY) is going up against KJLH in a radio war between local radio and syndicated radio. It will be interesting to find out which station will be the ratings winner. Now if we can only figure out the new KDAY's music format. They play everything urban. Local host Theo plays tracks typically found on urban formats, while the syndicated host play Urban A/C songs.

However it seems Los Angeles is only able to support one Urban A/C station. The station with the best ratings is Clear Channel's Old School and R&B station Hot 92.3 (KHHT) appealing to an African American and mostly Latino audience.

1 comment:

  1. stevie @ kjlh is the clear winner to the black spear head the colored people will pick steve harvey @ kday,kday has ran off old school hip hop blacks and mexicans so kkbt will be the winner. unless some changes are made at kday the thing that hurts kjlh is they are not advancing new artist and stevie really calls all the shots.


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