August 1, 2008

Who's feelin' this song? Urban AC # 1 Song

Noel Gourdin's "The River" Here's some of the lyrics:

I held my breath when they dipped my head Then I came up shiny and new (OK He was baptized in THE RIVER) ...the next line goes like this... Laid my burdens down too

Found out about love in the back of my Impala (YOU Where they laid my grandfather too, Down by the river Where black folks gather After Sunday service is through How the river runs to the ocean I'll be runnin' right back to you

I guess there's nothing like finding Jesus and losing your virginity all down by the river....

Who forced the program directors to play this song on Urban AC radio? It just proves, if you play it long enough people will think it is good!!! Put this one in the Laffy Taffy section... Anybody got some Al Green?

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