September 12, 2008

Johnson and Robinson - Too Close to Call

The microphone has been passed, “in a race too close to call” Reach Media’s nationally syndicated radio personality Tom Joyner today named Jeff Johnson and Stephanie Robinson as the new tag-team Commentators.

“I am honored to be part of the TJMS family. This is truly a bridge building opportunity as Stephanie and I bring a gender balance to commentary,” Jeff Johnson said. “This is also a great moment in time to bring those younger listeners, who make me what I am, into the family as well,” he stated. “I am delighted to join the TJMS team, and to share the microphone with Jeff Johnson,” Stephanie Robinson said. “Together, we will provide commentaries of the quality and kind that I hope will inspire, educate, and empower.”

TJMS “a party with a purpose” began the two month on-air search featuring up and coming leaders in the African American academic, news and entertainment community after the ever popular contributor, Tavis Smiley announced early this year his plans to leave the program after 12 years. Over 8 million listeners in 115 markets judged the winners in various categories including style, delivery and the ability to inform and engage listeners. Johnson will provide his commentary on Tuesday and Robinson on Thursday at 8:10am ET, starting on Tuesday, September 16.

Jeff Johnson a Washington, D.C.-based award-winning journalist, social activist and political commentator merging politics and pop culture. He is the managing editor/host of BET

Network’s The Truth with Jeff Johnson, a hard-hitting talk show delivering a varied and vibrant view of the news and issues, airing Friday’s, 11:00p.m. ET/PT. He has served as senior advisor for media and youth outreach for People for the American Way, national youth director for the NAACP and vice president for the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network.

Stephanie Robinson, Esq. is the Founding President and CEO of The Jamestown Project, a national think tank that focuses on democracy.

She is a Lecturer on Law at the Harvard Law School and former Chief Counsel for Senator Edward M. Kennedy and a recognized expert on social policy, women, race and family.

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