September 25, 2008

What is Hip Hop and is it a Dead End for Imaging?

If it wasn't for Lil' Wayne, what would urban radio be playing right now? Is it me or is every other song on urban radio a Lil' Wayne song? Hip Hop must be Lil' Wayne. He not only got it, he is IT right now.

Now as far as radio imaging goes; Is it time to retire "The Most Hip Hop and R&B", "Bangin' Hip Hop and R&B", "Interactive Hip Hop and R&B"? Even the"Hits and Hip Hop" stations are more rhythmic than urban. The radio industry and the PPM rating system is making that imaging become stale and unattractive for listeners. It's time for a fresh approach to imaging across the board. Are radio stations beginning to abandon it? I hardly hear it any more. Take a good listen. What will urban radio use next for imaging into the 2010's?

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