October 20, 2008

Announcement Coming From Pulse 87 Soon... they have listeners

New York Dance Music station Pulse 87.7 (WNYZ-LP) is expected to make a BIG announcement soon. We wonder if the station will continue to exist or move to another frequency? In February 2009 the government mandates that all TV signals will broadcast in digital instead of analog. As it stands now the station broadcast only 10 miles around NYC on the audio portion of Low-Power television station VHF channel 6 and 87.7 FM. The big announcement can't be about the Star and Bucwild Morning Show.

Meanwhile Arbitron announced that it has released the first station ratings report using PPM for Pulse 87. The station recorded more than a half million listeners per weekdays. That's pretty good for a station that some radios can't even pick up. Some radios stop at 87.9 FM. Check yours.


  1. The Star and Buc Wild morning show is done @ Pulse 87 NYC. Star says he'll resurface in radio in 2009 at a "hip hop format". See link to NY Daily News article by David Hinckley below.


  2. The station CAN continue to broadcast on Low Power TV Channel 6 and 87.75 FM after February 2009, at least temporarily. Low Power TV signals don't have to make the mandatory conversion to digital yet...but probably will have to someday in the future.


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