October 7, 2008

Hot 97 Streaming ...it's about time

Here is Hot 97's (WQHT - New York) live stream. Listen Here>> This link is not yet active on their site at hot97.com. We're wondering what took so long? No stream yet for Emmis owned sister stations 98.7 Kiss FM New York or Power 106 in Los Angeles.


  1. I recently moved to Atlanta Georgia. I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. I recently came home and heard all the hot new songs that came out on top. I must say theres no place like home. I miss hearing my favorite deejays like funk master flex,mr. cee, and Kay slay wait i cant forget angie martinez. I get tired of hearing the same dirty south tunes. I'm not hating it just gets really dreadful, and repetitive. I'm so happy that i can stream the station, and keep up with my new yorkers!!!!!!

    Love You HOT 97

  2. I'm feelin you Lace. Just moved to the ATL myself and fiendin for something different. I nod my head to some of the music here, but it ain't me!


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