October 22, 2008

Obama goes on Clear Channel Urban Radio Stations

I know you're thirsty, but...

Listen here for the Barack Obama interview>> with Ed Gordon

Barack Obama was interviewed by Ed Gordon across the nation via Clear Channel urban radio stations on Tuesday. Let's cut to the chase. Is it ever OK to criticize Sen. Barack Obama? If you listen to the interview, Obama clearly avoids answering the questions regarding his agenda in helping "poor people". Let's face it. Black communities are in terrible shape. If the middle class is doing bad, then what is going on in the communities that are barely surviving. Poor communities need jobs. They need incentives to start businesses that can hire workers. Infrastructure in poor communities needs to be repaired as well.

Obama has avoided in his public interviews any mention of what he would specifically do for cities and poor rural areas in the country. However he never seems to miss the opportunity to mention how Black men and the Black community as a whole must take responsibility for their actions or say how we need to put more police on the streets. There is nothing wrong with that. But Obama needs to spell out what he would do to give an economic boost in poorer communities and not just what he would do for the middle class and Main Street. Otherwise he is giving us the same "trickle down theory" that Republicans say we should follow in terms of money from the rich funneling down to the middle class. We need a president that can change things economically, not a moral leader to tell us what's wrong with us. OK that's it, my two cents, now back to your regular scheduled program.

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