November 12, 2008

The Hot Topic on Black Talk Radio: Gay Marriage

Yes on Proposition 8 legislation that voters in Californians approved that called for the ban of gay marriages in that state. Many African American voters are being blamed by gays for the legislation being passed.

Here's one of the television commercials that ran in California before election day.

Meanwhile Keith Olbermann gives his views on the controversy on "Countdown" on MSNBC.

Adding to the controversy is comedienne Roseanne Barr who says on her blog that Black Voters Are “Bigoted And Ignorant” because they voted against gay marriage

First of all, there is such a thing as separation of church and state in this country. Now if gay people want to marry, then let them have their freedom. Just don't bring it near me. For the religious folk, they probably voted YES on Prop 8 so that they think they will get themselves right with God. Well, "newsflash", it's your actions that will convince others to follow your lifestyle. You can't beat it out or legislate it out of them. There will still be gay people if they can marry or not. Isn't that what got George W. Bush elected four years ago? Did it work? Maybe there should be a proposition against fornication. That's something else church pastors that's in the Bible that people should not do also.

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