November 3, 2008

Will an Obama win on Tuesday feel the same?

The last word on the Phillies championship and the parade: The euphoria has now died down in the City of Brotherly Love. People of all ages, races and colors were just getting along and having a great time. From the white guy in the business suit on the corner drinking a forty to the brothers jammin' to the loud mini rock concert that broke out near South Street.

The most poignant moment for me was seeing a guy hanging out his third story apartment after the parade had passed on Broad Street holding up a John McCain sign and the crowd booing the hell out of him and then a young lady in the apartment below holding up an Obama Biden sign and the crowd going nuts, yelling out "OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA!"

For the Sen. Barack Obama supporters, I hope you can experience tomorrow night, the same feeling we had in Philly the last couple of days.

The crowd around City Hall in Downtown Philadelphia.

Only a portion of the estimated 2 million people who attended the parade that proceeded down Broad Street on the more than 5 mile route through a sea of humanity, where the Phillies were greeted by both the football and baseball stadiums filled to capacity. It was amazing. Ready for another party?

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