November 24, 2008

Woman sues radio station after being set up on a date

Woman who was set up with a date by WXLC 102.3 FM sues after she was drugged and raped. A 24-year-old woman claims suburban-Chicago WXLC, Waukegan, IL (102.3) should've known that 46-year-old Travis Henry not only wasn't "a single father too busy for the dating scene" - he'd been convicted of violating a domestic battery order of protection.

Last week, Harvey admitted to sexually assaulting the woman and was sentenced to two years probation and what the Lake County News-Sun calls 12 months of periodic imprisonment. The woman's attorney claims the NextMedia station should've conducted a criminal background check before touting Harvey as a "great guy." He assaulted her on their second date. Read more>>

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