December 8, 2008

Black Media Website criticizes Obama for Only Taking Two Questions

African American media website, Richard Maynard's Journal-isms openly criticizes President Elect Barack Obama for not fielding questions from African American journalist during the press conference in which Obama introduced a national security team that included African Americans Eric Holder as attorney general and Susan Rice as cabinet-level ambassador to the United Nations, in addition to Sen. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

From the website: As with his four previous news conferences as president-elect, Obama called on no journalists of color. Questions went to Liz Sidoti of the Associated Press, Caren Bohan of Reuters, Jake Tapper of ABC News, Peter Baker of the New York Times, John McCormick of the Chicago Tribune and Dean Reynolds of CBS News, according to identifications provided by FishBowl DC. Fox News also was left out. Read more>>

During this press conference Obama actually calls on two journalist of color

From the website: President-elect Barack Obama said of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, "The notion that somehow the commerce secretary is not going to be central to everything we do is fundamentally mistaken." He took three questions, two from journalists of color. After five post-election news conferences in which he failed to call on any journalists of color or on Fox News, he took questions from both an African American and a Latino journalist, and one of them was from Fox News Channel. Read more>>

The website is a part of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education that was founded in 1977 as the Institute for Journalism Education, the Oakland-based nonprofit organization renamed in 1993 to honor the late co-founder Robert (Bob) C. Maynard, the former Washington Post journalist who went on to become the owner, publisher and editor of The Oakland Tribune.

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  1. I've never seen an african-american ask a question at a news conference [ I haven't seen every one, though ], so why does the the first black president-elect have to do it. He's a middle-of-the -road type guy and he's being centerist. Like you pointed out, no blacks or reps from Fox. He's playing it safe. No need to rock the boat while still in the dock.


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