December 30, 2008

New Skool - Meta Hip Hop - The Next Wave of Rap

For the most part radio programming has ignore quality songs put out by Q-Tip and Common the past couple of weeks, so the prospect of radio embracing a new sound in Hip Hop are dim as well. However radio programmers might get on board with this largely independent New Skool movement.

As reported by an industry site, Lil' Wayne has joined the ranks of disgruntled rappers who don't listen to rap anymore. First Kanye West, then Scarface coming flat out and saying "f*ck rap," now Weezy is saying he tunes out today's rap music. [google it]

This new sound from groups like The Knux, Kid Sister, and The Cool Kids brought forth some discussions on the NPR radio program News and Notes, rewinding the best from 2008.

Hip hop heads are heralding a new sound as the renaissance of rap. While mainstream rap continues to weave street life millionaire fantasies, this new crop of MCs are recreating a sound reminiscent of the early days of hip hop.

To break down the "new skool" sound, Farai Chideya speaks with writer Harry Allen; Noah Callahan-Bever, editor in chief of Complex magazine; and Alvin "Rah Almillio" Lindsey, half of the hip-hop duo The Knux. Listen to the show here>>

This new sound embraces some of the same images that are currently present in Hip Hop which might make it attractive to radio. This new form of Hip Hop, instead of being different, goes back to the roots of Hip Hop by using some of the same breaks that were prevalent in Hip Hop in the late 80's and 90's. The connection is not neccessarily the music, but the style of dress and the rebellion against corporate manufactured Hip Hop going back to the days of Puffy, which is completly new to the youngest listeners and consumers of Hip Hop. In the videos you'll see Run-DMC, Eric B and Rakim, De La Soul, OutKast and MC Lyte influences in their style.

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