December 16, 2008

Syndication's Next Phase: Less is More. Again.

From the blog: Inside Music Media by Jerry Del Colliano

This blog thoroughly blast the entire radio industry, especially big media companies like Clear Channel and Citadel. To say the least, radio is in a fight for its very survival. The follwing excerpts are from the blog "The Shrink Wrapping of Radio." Read more >>.

  • Any day now -- and certainly within weeks -- don't be surprised to see your number one radio group, Clear Channel, give radio a glimpse of the consolidated future. Again.
  • Fagreed Suleman at Citadel has a bunch of stations that would drive his company's 17 cent stock way up over, say -- 50 cents!
  • Fagreed signed MSNBC's Joe Scarborough to do a show on his WABC, New York and it fits his model -- throw anything up in the air and syndicate it to the rest of your stations.

  • KABC (Los Angeles) just dumped talk show host Larry Elder and it could be that Curtis Sliwa, the totally New York personality, may be his replacement in La La Land. I can tell you LA isn't going to buy Curtis Sliwa, but Fagreed doesn't care. Fagreed buys him and that's what saves money.
  • So as radio as we and our listeners know it comes to the end of its long nightmare, what radio will amount to -- I'm so sorry to say -- is nothing.

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