December 23, 2008

What's Even More Disturbing About This Video...

It's all good that this video model believes that this is an honest way to make a living. It's a shame she hasn't developed any other talents. Her parents must be proud. Meanwhile we see everyday, the assault these images are having on young people and in particular Black women.

What's even more disturbing is to find the Co-President of Programming at BET, Stephen Hill dancing and shining at the beginning of this video. Hill, most recently was the VP of Music Programming at BET and music director at MTV. Stephen made his claim to fame as program director at WILD-AM in Boston.

Stephen, couldn't you find something better to do with your down time? Even if you were just making an appearance at an "industry" event, don't you just say your "hellos" and move on instead of partying with people that could be your grandchildren... or worst yet co-star in a second rate internet music video.

I expect more from a former high school teacher, a DJ connected with WHUR and the '360 Degrees of the Black Experience in Sound' from back in the day, and let me repeat, the Co-President of Programming at BET.

Well maybe this is what we should expect from the head of programming at BET. It sure is a long way from Lead Story, BET Nightly News and Teen Summit. And to think there's a whole generation that never knew these programs existed. Keep up the good work Stephen. Can't wait for next season's episodes of College Hill and Keyshia Cole!

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