January 8, 2009

100.3 The Beat Makes Lineup Changes

DJ Touchstone

Radio One's 100.3 The Beat (WPHI) will eliminate the late night program "Loveland", in favor of a more upbeat show at 10 p.m. featuring the "World's Number 1 Blind DJ", DJ Touchstone. Touchtone leaves the earlier evening slot at 6 p.m., while co-host Kendra G will go solo from 6-10 p.m.

Radio One's Operations Manager Elroy Smith said, "Both Kendra G and Touchtone did an incredible job as a team from 6-10 p.m. Allowing them to shine individually will give this station a huge injection. Since every urban station in Philly is slow at 10 p.m., we wanted to be different. We believe this move allows us to be hip, vibrant, young and fun. We are destined to raise the bar."

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  1. Power 99 and The Beat have tried uptempo shows at night for years and they always go back to slow jams. Philly is stuck in the 70's when it comes to programming. This is more likely a cost cuttin measure, as they can replay old mixes when then need to.


    I worked at a few clubs where Touchtone was a guest deejay, and there is a diference to being blind and "Legally Blind", which Touchtone is. He can see. Just more lies to garner publicity.


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