January 8, 2009

Black Man's Assasination Gets Little National Media Coverage

It's been a week since Oscar Grant III was murdered by a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Police Officer on New Year's Day. However it seems the media coverage outside of San Francisco regarding this story has been pretty much non-existentant. At this point some are suggesting that the officer mistakenly pulled out his gun instead of a taser. In any event another Black Man has been murdered and ignored, while the media covers the tragedy that hit the Travolta family or senatorial bid by Roland Burris.

Are there any dangers in the fact that Black Media is basically control by very few people? That would be Clear Channel, Radio One, and ABC Radio. Does a story like this even exist in the collective minds of Black people if Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden don't cover it? Surprisely, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been quiet on the murder. Not even NPR's News and Notes covered this story. Bill Anderson of independently owned WURD Radio seems to be the only Black radio host/personality that has discussed this on his program.

With the election of a Black President, does it mean that when injustices occur, African Americans are to be quiet? If you remember a little over a year ago, many people were outraged and socially/politically active over the Jena 6, but now there is silence. Interesting...

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