January 29, 2009

African American Talk Radio

David Beaty, a spoken word artist was interviewed on Reggie Bryant's show on 900 AM WURD in Philadelphia yesterday. An amazing performance in this video clip with a life of perseverance and struggle to succeed despite the odds. The interview was great. Where else would you hear about or learn about a performer like this on the radio?

Where are the African American talk stations in America? WVON Chicago; WURD Philadelphia; CBS Radio's WAOK in Atlanta and Radio One's WOL in DC, WOLB in Baltimore, WERE in Cleveland with some of it's programming coming from Syndication One. As a format, Black Talk Radio is in worse shape than Smooth Jazz. Meanwhile the savior of the corporate AM radio stations is a conservative blowhard with a $40 million contract from Clear Channel. We can't afford to let our AM talk stations to disappear.

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