January 12, 2009

"The Morning Mash Up" Joins the XM Lineup

Beginning Monday, January 12, The Morning Mash Up! beams down on SIRIUS Hits 1 SIRIUS channel 1 and XM 20on20 channel 20. The morning show is hosted by Rich Davis, Nicole Biggins, Stanley T Evans and Ryan Sampson.

Every weekday, The Morning Mash Up! discusses the biggest celebrity news and everything related to pop culture. The crew has interviewed A-list celebrities and musicians, including, Paula Abdul, Christina Aguilera , Jessica Alba, Kevin Connolly, Jamie Foxx, Adrian Grenier, Paris Hilton, Randy Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Pattinson, Jerry Seinfeld, Ashlee Simpson, Timbaland, Pete Wentz, Kanye West and many others.
By joining XM’s 20on20 lineup, The Morning Mash Up! will now be available to over 20 million subscribers. The Morning Mash Up! airs Mondays-Fridays from 6:00 am – 12:00 pm ET on SIRIUS Hits 1 SIRIUS channel 1 and 20on20 XM channel 20. SIRIUS Hits 1 gives listeners the best new music first and all the hits they know and love.

For more information on The Morning Mash Up!, please visit www.sirius.com/siriushits1 and http://www.xmradio.com/.

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