February 25, 2009

Adam Carolla Leading the Way to Podcasting

Adam Carolla who was fired from CBS Radio Los Angeles last Friday when the station changed formats from FM talk radio to Top 40 AMP radio; had a chance to say goodbye to his listeners and informed them that he was starting a podcast on Monday. Well, Adam Carolla's podcast unexpectantly was downloaded over 250,000 times on iTunes. That is impressive.

Now if you were a fan of the Adam Carolla Show, why wouldn't you download his show for free and listen when you want to instead of searching around the dial to replace it with something else you're not particularly thrilled about. Hmmm.... And some folks still think satellite radio will survive in a viral environment. Just wait until you can podcast from your car! Radio suits take notice.

Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew use to host the show Loveline on MTV. He left this comment on his new website:

"I’m overwhelmed by your response to the podcast. In less than 24 hours, the first podcast was downloaded over a quarter of a million times, which is awesome.

This means that we’ll be able move along faster in terms of getting this project up into a new gear, and getting a little more production, more guests, and everything you guys deserve. I’m grateful to have such fantastic fans, and honored at this response.

I’ve been very busy working on this (TV) pilot with CBS, and getting all the parts in place for that, which has taken a lot of time and energy, but we’re still focused on putting a great podcast out.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone, and let everyone know that we’ll all get our sh** together very soon, and bring this to a new level.
Keep up the good work."

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