February 9, 2009

Chris Brown Arrested For Felony of Making a Criminal Threat

Just in case you crawled out from under a rock, here's the story :

Chris Brown was arrested moments before the 2009 Grammy's were set to commence. The Los Angeles police department announced that Chris Brown, a double nominee and scheduled performer, was being investigated for allegedly assaulting an unidentified woman the night before. Brown turned himself in to authorities and was briefly held before posting $50,000 bail Sunday night, jail records showed.Chris Brown and longtime girlfriend Rihanna also nominated, were both slated to perform in different slots of the show, but separately dropped out at the last minute. The victim of Brown's alleged assault wasn't identified, and it wasn't immediately clear whether Rihanna's absence was related to Brown's.

Police booked the 19-year-old R&B singer and dancer on suspicion of making a criminal threat, a felony. Police did not explain how their initial report of an injury assault related to the charge, but it will ultimately be up to the district attorney's office to decide what charges, if any, should be brought against Brown.

Now how to you get arrested for making a threat. Did you know that was a felony? Well neither did I. (SO know for sure a little more than that went on)There's a rumor going around that the assault has to do with an STD. Are there any doubts that Rihanna is involved in this? Now my chats and posts on facebook and twitter last night were hilarious, especially from some urban radio personalities. It made the Grammy Awards a bit more interesting in an otherwise so-so show. Join us on Twitter and Facebook. ...Great fun!

The bottom line is this. WAS this a career move for Chris? Does this harden his image and give him the street cred (I hate that phrase), that Bow Wow and Soulja Boy so desperately want. Stay tuned... and he thought picking up that lady was a problem.


  1. Yes..it was a career move. Before his last CD, tere were supossedly pix of his penis leaked to the web. That boosted his career, just like Ray J's video boosted his and Lil Wayne kissing Baby boosted his. It's now a fact of the entertaining business, that bad press is better than no press. If people can accept R. Kelly and Michael Jackson, as well as far to many rappers, being anti-social, then why should we expect young dumb and full of *!& performers to be contrite in their public imaging?

  2. P.S.

    .. and he thought picking up that lady was a problem

    I wonder if Mike Epps and Bow Wow were talking about that chick when they did "Big Girls"....


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