February 25, 2009

Myspace is Owned by Rupert Murdoch

Did you know that myspace is owned by Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation? So that means FOX News owns myspace or you could say the New York Post owns myspace. This isn't new "news"-- Rupert Murdoch has owned them since 2005. But thinking about the monkey cartoon last week was more than enough to make me go in there and close my account.

I'm still disgusted by their blatant racism. I wouldn't want "those people" counting me among their members or help them sell banner ads on my behalf.

In a statement published in the newspaper yesterday, Murdoch said he wanted to "personally apologize to any reader who felt offended, and even insulted." He said the Post will work to be more sensitive. Murdoch said the cartoon was intended only to "mock a badly written piece of legislation."

Your apology Mr. Murdoch is not accepted! You should have fired the cartoonist and the editor.

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