February 3, 2009

Obama's Blackberry Leads to Talk Show Host Being Called a Bonehead

Now you know why many newspapers are called a rag. A columnist, and I use the term loosely, from the Philadelphia Daily News called talk show host Reggie Bryant a bonehead in it's Monday edition. He even had the audacity to call the station's producer and tell him to tell Bryant to call him. The article that appears online "In the battle of the 'slurs,' Reggie Bryant is the bonehead!" doesn't do justice to the amount of space The Daily News devoted to this opinion from Stu Bykofsky in the actual newspaper.

What's the connection to Obama's Blackberry you may ask. Well after President Obama was allowed to keep his Blackberry, Sam Donaldson on the ABC Sunday morning show "This Week with George Stephanopoulus" said,"Attaboy, Barack!" Reggie Bryant took exception of someone of European decent calling a Black man "boy." Now I'm of the opinion that Donaldson would not have said "attaboy" to any other President. I believe "attaboy" is disrespectful.

The point here in all of this is; there are some people who listen to African American talk radio, who will never be measured by the PPM rating system. Bykofsky must have been sitting around listening to WURD, waiting to seize on anything Reggie Bryant said that day that he disagreed with. You think maybe Bykofsky does this most days, like many others, who are never thought of, of listening to Black talk radio.

WURD radio is probably thankful of the free publicity that the column gave to the station. What was Reggie's response to all of this? He basically said that Bykofsky writing is more fitting for the room in your house where you sit and flush.

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