February 14, 2009

Radio One Atlanta Finally Puts Changes in Motion

Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden moves to Majic 107.5 and will simulcast at 97.5 FM, and Praise going to 102.5; Ballentine, Sharpton and Grown Folks Radio will simply go "POOF" in Atlanta on Sunday Night

According to AJC reporter Rodney Ho, (a lot of people speculated and reported that this was going to happen two weeks ago; so he gets the credit for this one), Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden will move to 107.5 on Monday, with a simulcast on 97.5 as Majic. "SiMan" Silas Alexander will continue to do nights, but now on 107.5/97.5. The simulcast officially begins at 10 p.m. Sunday evening. On Majic, mid-days will be jockless for now with an emphasis on more music, according to market manager Tim Davies. It would seem if available, Carol Blackmon would fill that weekday slot nicely.

Radio One will now have three formats urban Hot 107.9, Praise 102.5, and Majic 107.5/97.5 on four signals instead of four formats over four stations. Smooth Jazz was killed on 107.5 about a month ago and Radio One has decided not to add another format. Davies said the ratings at Grown Folks 102.5 took a dip middays when Warren Ballentine and Al Sharpton were on. So both are out.

Could Radio One have added an all talk format or Southern Soul and Blues format on 97.5 instead of repeating the same programming on 107.5?

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