February 20, 2009

Video Coverage of the New York Post Political Cartoon Protest

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviews protesters outside the offices of the New York Post following the publication of the cartoon that critics say depicts President Obama as a chimpanzee. The cartoon shows a white police officer shooting dead a chimpanzee in the street. His partner, another white officer, says, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill." After a number of civil rights activists and organizations called for a boycott of the paper, the Post issued a half-hearted apology on Thursday night.

Goodman interviews Rev. Al Sharpton, Jeff Fox of 98.7 Kiss FM morning show, and many others including her first interviewee, a 9 year old African American boy. At the beginning of her report, Goodman shows an actual copy of the New York Post, which depicts the enormity of space devoted to the cartoon. The cartoon is preceded by an article about President Obama's stimulus bill. The placement of the cartoon clearly shows the intent of the the New York Post.

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