March 30, 2009

Chicago's 107.5 'GCI New Morning Show "The Morning Riot"

The new morning show is local and replaces Steve Harvey at WGCI on Wednesday. The co-hosts must be saying to themselves, "Things are so bad in radio right now, I'm just glad I still have a job."

Afternoon-drive host Tony Sculfield will be heading up "The Morning Riot" from 5 to 9 with co-hosts Nina Chantele, Leon Rogers, Ty Wansley and Latina Moore. Overnighter
UB Rodriguez will take over the afternoon drive slot for the time being.

Chantele and Rogers will be pulling a double shift for their Clear Channel employer. (i.e. we can't hire any more people right now) Chantele will continue to hold her midday shift over on Top 40 sister station Kiss 103.5 (WKSC) 103.5-FM, and Rogers will remain evening DJ on 'GCI alongside Frankie Robinson.

All the moving around was as a result of Steve Harvey's shift to V103 from 'GCI last Tuesday. A Chicago Tribune article suggest in the PPM ratings world, 'GCI needed to reach a younger demo with the 42 year old Sculfield and the 52 year old Harvey.

Tom Joyner, the 59 year old host of the former morning show on V103, said "It's business. If I were Clear Channel, I'd probably do exactly the same thing because you're in business to stay in business and, strategically, it's what they should have done. The largest markets that continue to carry the Tom Joyner Morning Show, are in Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Detroit on Radio One owned stations.

So as a result of Clear Channel believing they could just syndicate Steve Harvey on to any Urban/Hip-Hop radio station they owned; they are NOW finding out that younger listeners aren't going to tune into Steve Harvey and their ratings suffered.

I guess it took them two years to figure out one size does not fit all.

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  1. Interesting perspective... I think the truth here more than anything else is you have to "do" what "fits" the market. In all honesty, Radio stations and networks could save a lot of money and frustration by just doing the research, first.


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