March 5, 2009

Connecticut School of Broadcasting Shuts Down its Farmington Campus

Did he make it to graduation day? Sorry there won't be one! That sucks...

From TRI WTNH-TV in Hartford, Connecticut says "Dozens of students showed up at the Farmington campus ready for finals." But the doors were locked and a note on the glass said "We regret to inform you that CSB has shut down all operations until further notice." It promises that someone at CSB Corporate will be in contact with you in the next coming days and/or weeks." Tuition is $12,000, by the way. WTNH News says the Robinson family, which founded CSB in 1964 and later sold it, "has started the process of re-opening the school under their name."
Well, Communications and journalism aren't exactly the best fields to find a career in at the moment anyway, is it?

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