March 9, 2009

Frankie Darcell The Midday Host of Detroit

Things aren't really going too well in Detroit these days with the auto industry down in the dumps, a winless football team, and the former hip hop mayor recently released from prison and moving to Texas; but there is one bright spot on the radio in Detroit. Frankie Darcell holds down "The Midday Mix" on Detroit's Mix 92.3. Frankie however is the only local host on the Clear Channel owned station.

Clear Channel, the company that brings you Steve Harvey, Rush Limbaugh, Ryan Seacrest, and the barely audible Keith Sweat. Yes, the Keith Sweat Hotel is taking away an on-air shift at Mix 92.3, a major market station. Now if you're a small market station, Keith might be the way to go, but given the fact that he broadcasts from Atlanta, but not heard on any station in that city should tell you something. In fact he's only on in LA, Detroit, Miami and St. Louis of the top 20 markets. I'm sure CC thought he was going to go over in more cities, but Keith, quite frankly, to borrow from Stephen A. Smith, stick with what you know, and that's singing.

Anyway, support your local radio host, even if you're listening online. Frankie Darcell is worth listening to...

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