March 26, 2009

Marc Clarke and Troy Johnson Ready to Stream Live

Former 92Q (WERQ) partners in A.M. primetime, Marc Clarke and Troy Johnson from the Big Phat Morning Show are going live on the Internet via a web stream from their "Off the Mic" Baltimore Sun blog. Much success to these two talented radio professionals. Know when they update their blog by checking out our blogroll.

Troy Johnson writes: "You've had an opportunity to get to know us over the last few months, mostly with our blogging and occasional vlogging. Up next is a new frontier...Troy and Marc streaming live on baltimoresun.com!

The last few months have been a departure from radio, and our combined 100 years of experience and excellence (kidding), to an immersion into the world of web 2.0, where we are still as green as a freshman on the first day of school!

April 1st, 2009 marks another step as we do our thing live on the 'net! The Marc and Troy reunion continues! A technological first for us, and the Baltimore Sun! What will we talk about? What do you want us to talk about? Why is this happening?!

It's gonna be fun and, you'll be able to interact with us ...
More details about this ground breaking, innovative moment in internet history coming soon! Troy and Marc, streaming April 1st. Don't miss it ... you'd be a fool! Get it ... April Fool? Right.
Tell us what you want to know, and what you want us to talk about ... we're listening!"

DCRTV also reports that Marc Clarke will soon have a show on Channel 24 in Baltimore.

1 comment:

  1. Good 4 them. 92Q werq was stupid for cancelling BigPhat AM / sonjay/marc/troy/maarva.
    WHEN the show fails
    --bc I feel it will. Bmore has 2 have its local ppl who actually went to & ate a chicken box over the weekend--
    I wonder if werq will bring back Big Phat morning show?

    Down 95 in bethesda WMMJ 102.3 tried the same shiggity by dropping local man Alvin John Waples for monique's horrid Cali show. She failed after 6mo & now Alvin is RIGHTFULLY back!


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