March 16, 2009

Mo'Nique To End Her Radio Show This Week

Who quits a radio show during the middle of the week?

This Wednesday, March 18, Radio One syndicated afternoon personality Mo'Nique will deliver her final broadcast on her urban AC outlets. Syndication One began carrying "The Mo'Nique Show" in 2008 and it was immediately picked up by a couple dozen Radio One urban AC outlets. Mo'Nique will focus on her multi-media career, which encompasses standup comedy, television, film and books. About her transition away from radio, Monique says, "I would like to thank my fabulous board of directors for their daily inspiration and feedback and Radio One for the opportunity to further my entertainment brand through radio."

OK what is really being said here: The grind of doing a daily radio show was a little more work than what Mo'Nique bargained for. Doing a daily 4 hour show takes about that much time in prep work before hand to do a good show. Kind of hard to do when you really rather read TV pilot proposals and movie scripts... The smart radio stations around the country that carried her kept the host her show replaced in the fold like Alvin John Waples at WMMJ in Washington, D.C. WRNB dropped Mo'Nique back in January and moved Lady B back to the afternoons from the evening shift. Although current affiliates of "The Mo'Nique Show" have not yet revealed what will replace the program in afternoon drive. Maybe some might try "The Ride" with Doug Banks and DeDe.

We're not surprise that the show has come to an end... but we wondered why they never explained Sonny Andre being dropped from the show and replaced by comedian Rodney Jenkins. We knew then that they were in trouble.


  1. Stevie Wonder could have seen this one coming. This was simply RO's attempt to create a Steve Harvey phenom. How idiotic. They had an opportunity to syndicate Steve back in 2002 - but dropped the ball...and now they're paying for it. They are giving syndicated shows to undeserving people like free cheese. I don't understand why they don't invest any time or money into developing syndicated programming that includes real radio talent. Watching this mess play out is better than Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey.

  2. @Im Off: I dont think Radio 1 was tryna make a steve harvey. They thought they good get Monique's audience.

    I knew form day 1 the show would fail. M has an annoying voice. The topics were sometimes good but many times not.

    I dont like Steve harvey either. He is a GIANT hyprocrit, cheater, lier, adulterer & more.

    I'm glad that Alvin Jon Waples is back on WMMJ 102.3 in MD.

  3. Also is radio the new thing?
    1st comics went from clubs to getting TV shows to movies to writing books, now they're all getting radio shows. WHY NOT GET REAL TALENT?
    Examples are Martin,Jamie Foxx, Bernie Mac, Cedric, Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley, Monique, Shondrella.

    All of the examples BERNIE MAC had the best show. Martin was the best in the 90s, BERNIE MAC in the 00s.
    RIP Bernie Mac.

    Martin did well in his tv show & in the movies. When his popularity was gone he rightfully went back to the comedy clubs and is now helping other comics get their start.

    Steve harvey go away !


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