March 10, 2009

News and Notes from NPR- Counting Down to Last Show

I am literally having a meltdown (not really) about where to find a quality daily African American News Program on the radio. I know there are some on the weekend, and there is "The Front Page" on KJLH in Los Angeles from 4:30-6:00AM PDT Mon-Fri that comes to mind; but there is nothing to compare to News and Notes now hosted by Tony Cox.

Yesterday's show covered the following topics: As the median home price in Detroit falls to $7,500, what does the future look like for the Motor City?; Ebony and Jet magazines struggle to stay afloat. Will Black America let them fail?; The Dance Theatre of Harlem and founder, Arthur Mitchell, and former prima ballerina, Virginia Johnson.

Now I know the general population might not be the least bit interested in the topics covered, but when Arthur Mitchell talked about how 'he would talk to hip hop dancers about the need for them to learn technique, because it would be necessary for them to learn it if they expected to repeat the same moves during each performance', it was something I never realized. That in itself makes the show worthwhile. I get information I would never hear anywhere else on the radio. It's the only place I know that gives voice to those of us in the Black blogosphere.

News and Notes will end it's run on March 20, 2009. The show first started with host Ed Gordon about 7 years ago. It seems to me this would be a great show for Radio One or Public Radio International to pick up if not everyday, at least on the weekends.

Check it out there's only 9 shows left... Yes there is a petition on facebook, but that doesn't seem to have made a difference.

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