March 6, 2009

Rush Limbaugh - He Who Punks Last Punks the Hardest

We're really just talking about a radio host, not an "ipod" host or Internet radio host, not even a satellite radio host; a stinking static filled AM radio host. I thought radio was suppose to be dead by now.

The above video piece recaps the recent controversies between the Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Steele apologized for calling Limbaugh an entertainer. Wait a minute he is an entertainer. He gets paid to entertain people so that they will turn on the radio everyday. He surely isn't an elected official. Anyway... Many are saying that Limbaugh punked Steele. "Punked" in a way that strips one from his manhood or at least his job. Many Republicans are calling for Steele to resign from his position as head nig-- oops I mean, head of the RNC in charge.

While others are suggesting that the Democrats are punking the Republican party by setting them up for failure in the 2010 and 2012 elections, with their constant referencing to Rush Limbaugh as the head of the Republican Party in the post-George W. Bush era. Punking in way that means "getting played" like a street hustle. Polls suggest that Limbaugh is deeply unpopular with the majority of Americans, especially among younger voters, despite his popularity in conservative circles. Democrats see a political gold mine.

However if you just happened to be Rush, you know it's "all about the Benjamin's baby!" Staying in front of the public eye is extremely important to the former Oxycontin addict. More people are tuned into him now, than ever before. All he has to do is sit behind a mic for 3 hours a day and launch verbal grenades at President Obama, the Democratic controlled congress, and the stimulus package. What a platform radio stations have given him! $14 million per year ain't bad either.

While America is up in arms when Rush says he wants President Obama to fail, his ratings soar. Imagine if you sell ad time for the Rush Limbaugh show. I'm sure you are doing quite well for yourself nowadays despite the economic climate in America... so in the end Mr. Limbaugh has kind of created his own stimulus package for himself and the major AM radio stations that carry his midday talk show. And the rest of us that pay attention to him, are being punk'd in an Ashton Kutcher sort of way.

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