March 24, 2009

Tom Joyner's Blog - We Will Continue to Serve the Community

Tom Joyner pens his thoughts on the abrupt move by V103 (WVAZ) to cancel his show in Chicago. The Fly Jock's Blog: Chicago Is Home.


  1. Hi Tom,
    I really miss you in Chicago, Il. Please try to get on another radio station not dealing with Clear Channel. I truly miss all the information you were giving out and how you made my day.

  2. Tom
    Regarding the cruise. Can we PLEASE go south or stay docked LA or right outside of LA. We are going to spots that will most likely be cold and possibly rainy. As you know, it's not ablout the stops..it is about the people..but how will we see each other if we are in our cabins staying warm!!!


  3. Hi Tom,

    I listened to your show this morning and I have a comment/thoughts about how to empower HBCU institutions. My thoughts/solution offers to empower HBCU institution with the tools/resources to help with their long-term economic sustainability. My company has received support and endorsements from the White House of HBCU Initiatives, HBCU presidents, finance/business leaders, HBCU faculty and recent HBCU grads.
    Our program goes beyond the meaningful idea of presenting online programs to prospective students otherwise not inclined to attend (on campus) an HBCU. There are certain factors not being considered... there are companies in place that offer to convert current ground campus curriculum to an online format. There are companies marketing to HBCUs.
    There aren't companies, like mine that offer to "clean slate" their current substantive long-term debt or help HBCU institutions "meet students where they are" in terms of consumer goods brand familiarity, technology and/or brand management.
    I have heard guest on radio (not necessarily your program) ask the African-American community to donate funding to HBCUs... we are trying to do that, however in our own way. Every solution we offer is with no out-of-pocket expense to the HBCU institution, clean slates their massive long-term debt, re-brands the HBCU institution and provides resources that lead to institutional independence.
    I am a supporter, a listener and I want to "Empower Our Village".



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