March 13, 2009

WPGC 95.5 - A Major Change on Monday

Dave Hughes of DCRTV speculates on moves that CBS Radio might be making in Washington. Check out the new site at "... Is something big going to happen to CBS Radio's urban contemporary WPGC (95.5 FM) on Monday? This graphic mysteriously suggests that something's up."

There have been rumors swirling the past month that Big Tigger was set to host the morning show at WPGC replacing Donnie Simpson. It could be nothing at all or simply the debut of a new interactive social network type website.

Although something could be up... CBS Radio has made major changes to their two stations in New York and Los Angeles within the last two weeks. Those stations have done pretty poor in the latest PPM rating system. In New York they dropped K-Rock for "Now 92.3." In LA, CBS flipped formats from a talk station to "AMP 97.1." Both of these stations are CHR (contemporary hit radio) format stations. WPGC at the moment has fell completely out of the top 10 with the new ratings system. Could CBS do the same with 95.5 WPGC?; which would be a return to the Top 40 format the station played until the early 80's, when it became an urban/rhythmic music station. We shall see...

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