April 6, 2009

D.L. Hughley Leaves CNN for Radio?

The last weekend in March saw the CNN show "D.L. Hughley Breaks the News" come to an end. Hardly the end of an momentenal event in television, but what seems suspicious to me is the reason given for the end of show.

D.L. said he wanted to relocate the program from New York City to Los Angeles because of the strain on his wife and family back in California. He said because of his weekend comedy gigs and his midweek show taping in NYC at CNN, he only spent one day a week at home. CNN said they couldn't accommodate him because of budget constraints and cancelled the show.

That sounds good except there's only one problem with that explanation. D.L. Hughley was on the morning show last week on 98.7 Kiss FM-WRKS. A month ago Kiss fired long time host Jeff Foxx. (Maybe Hughley was renting month to month in NYC, and he figured since he was there, he might as well, do something with his time.) But really, shouldn't D.L. be back in California with family?

But I'm really thinking, D.L. got the boot because he was no longer was doing the buffoonery and coonin' bits on his show and got RNC chairman Michael Steele to admit that Rush Limbaugh wasn't the head of the republican party but just an entertainer. CNN must have caved in to pressure because D.L. Hughley was now on the Dangerous Negro List. ...and you know when that happens you got to go.

Will we see D.L. on the radio this week?

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