April 23, 2009

Hip Hop Radio - Austin's Da Bomb Internet Radio

If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you can probably figure out that I'm not the biggest fan of today's version of rap music. So it takes a lot for me to listen to rap, but I have discovered Hip Hop on the radio that is fresh and clean. WHAT? Yes clean enough for your grandmother to listen to... well that reference might go a bit too far. But this is a station that would appeal to those turned-off by terrestrial urban radio.

Even with more and more people listening on-line to radio, for the most part Internet only stations sound unprofessional and lack the daily feedback that a program director of a radio station would provide. However Marcus Davis over at Da Bomb Internet Radio www.bombnation.com has put together a great Internet radio station with dynamic imaging (Pat Garrett) along with a good mix of "today's Hip Hop and R&B music."

Here's more on Da Bomb Internet Radio:

Radio listeners in Austin, Texas now have another choice when they want to listen to hip-hop and R&B music. Say hello to Da Bomb Internet Radio, Austin’s only commercial urban radio station. Da Bomb broadcasts “Squeaky Clean Hip-Hop and R&B” which, simply put, is music without much of the profanity you may hear on other stations. That’s not the only thing that sets Da Bomb Internet Radio apart from other radio stations, however.

Earlier this month, Progressive Innovations LLC dropped Da Bomb on Austin listeners. The station actually debuted in October, but it wasn’t positioned as an Austin station until this month. “That was more of a marketing decision,” says Marcus Davis, who hosts an afternoon show on Da Bomb from 12 – 4 PM Central Time. “We love all of our listeners no matter if they’re from Austin, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Hawaii, or the UK. That’s the beauty of the internet… we have listeners from all over the globe,” says Davis. The decision was made to position the station as an Austin station in order to give Da Bomb more of a local identity. “Oftentimes people like to hear a local flavor when they tune into a radio station,” Davis says while fulfilling a request for a song by Texas rap group UGK.

Progressive Innovations is hoping that listeners don’t write off Da Bomb Internet Radio as just another hobby internet radio station. Marcus Davis certainly believes that once people tune in and listen, they’ll know that this is anything but a hobby. The station made sure to properly invest into their station imaging and equipment. As Davis says, “Once you listen, it’ll be obvious that this is a professionally run radio station just like you hear on the FM dial.” One of Da Bomb’s local listeners recently went a step farther and posted a comment on the station’s MySpace page asserting that Da Bomb Internet Radio is better than any terrestrial radio station in Austin.

In some ways, Da Bomb is like similar Rhythmic stations in Austin. However, this urban station fills a void that existed for good R&B music in addition to hip-hop. While songs by Ludacris can be heard all day, Da Bomb Internet Radio doesn’t forget slower songs from artists such as Ginuwine, Jazmine Sullivan, and Pleasure P. Such songs round out the hip-hop and R&B station’s playlist so you can turn on the station and have enough variety to make you want to listen for a while. So, the next time you want to hear some good hip-hop and R&B, give Da Bomb Internet Radio a try. They’re online at www.bombnation.com and, remember, the music is “Squeaky Clean” so you can turn up the volume at work and at home with the kids!

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