April 27, 2009

Radio Industry Going "Ga Ga" over Ratings for Digital Internet Channels

Arbitron says that 12 digital stations in nine cities met the Minimum Reporting Standards in the March 2009 PPM survey period. The PPM ratings system is able to measure Internet radio listening, along with listeners tuned into commercial and non-commercial radio stations. Those listeners of Internet radio in the past were not counted in the old write-in diary system.

What does all of this mean? These stations actually had people listening to them on their computers rather than listening to the station on a radio. Two of those 12 stations were urban stations V-103 WVEE Atlanta and V103 WVAZ Chicago. Well isn't the point of putting these stations on the Internet is to have people listening to them? WOW, something in the radio industry is actually working! ...and for the kid pictured, when he gets to be an adult, Internet listening will probably be the norm rather than something unusual.

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