April 14, 2009

Shorty da Prince Cut from 100.3 The Beat KATZ FM for Not Following Guidelines

Playing Local Artist Led to His Firing, ...but as a young radio vet, "Didn't he know this already or could he really care less about his radio career?"

Radio personality and rapper of "Wah Wah Wow", Shorty Da Prince was cut loose at 100.3 The Beat (KATZ-FM, St. Louis) because he failed to follow company guidelines. That company, Clear Channel, has some definite guidelines about what you can play and not play on the air. Shorty, who had been at "The Beat" for seven years, said a higher up told him he was fired and didn't go into details regarding the decision to let the young popular radio personality go.

“When I asked him to go into detail, he just laughed and said, 'I didn't follow guidelines'." Shorty had some choice words to say about his radio experience and minimize the importance of playing songs on the radio. He said it's better to be unsigned and "hot" in the streets instead of getting radio airplay.

All of this in his first interview since the firing by local Black newspaper the St. Louis American. Shorty said he and the radio exec didn't "click" and surmised that the suspicion of payola might have led to his termination, because he played music by local artists.

In the article Shorty da Prince also said, "A lot of times they thought something was going on because The Beat don’t play local music."

"If a record came out in St. Louis I played it – because people requested it – and I caught some flack for that."


  1. This is ridiculous!! I thought the purpose of media was to promote? I would personally hire an attorney to handle Urban Radio Nation/Clear Channel--whatever, ugh! Sad...

  2. LOL!!! the beat is gone off the air!!!


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