April 27, 2009

Star and Buc Wild Join Internet Video Channel VLAD TV

Star & Buc Wild have officially joined Vlad TV and promise to do what they do best. The Internet site touts themselves as the "TMZ of Hip Hop" and seem to be in direct competition with WSHH Video, "The CNN of Hip Hop." Here's a taste of things to come as they smash up Ludacris' plaque. Since the video posted, over 3,000,000 visitors have viewed the video. (According to the website's visitor counter)

No matter what your opinion is of Troi Torain better known as "Star", he knows how to tapped into that certain thing listeners want to hear. His rants, exploits and downright foul mouth, provide a vehicle for folks to vicariously live through his words by secretly desiring to say the things he says. Despite his controversial past, Star remains a marketable personality.

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