April 9, 2009

Steve Hegwood Seems to Have Covered His "A"

The new "Streetz 102.9" in da "A" Seems Legal

TRI reports that the whole wierd set-up is perfectly legal. Here's the setup where an FM translator repeats an HD-2 signal. In this case W275BK at 102.9 FM would not be able to have original programming, but it can relay or re-broadcast programming from another station. In this scenario "Streetz 102.9" is rebroadcasting the programming from Atlanta's Viva 105.7 HD2 channel. The FCC has decided that an HD-2 multi-casting channel is a “station”, and that has opened the doors for creative deals like this one.

Extreme Media LLC, the new owner of Streetz 102.9, had an arrangement with an HD-2 operator to LMA (manage) its frequency. That operator is... CLEAR CHANNEL! Extreme paid just $235,000 for the FM translator W275BK at 102.9 FM in Atlanta. But should it be legal to say "Streetz 102.9", when you're really "Streetz 105.7 HD2" or "Viva en da Streetz" 105.7 HD2, Atlanta? As TRI puts it; it's the tail wagging the dog.

Rodney Ho of the AJC, contacted Hegwood the former PD for Radio One's (WHTA) Hot 107.9, and Hegwood said he has nothing to do with this deal and hung up the phone. However Rodney found out that Extreme Media's offices are located at the same address as Hegwood's offices in Atlanta.

...well if it's all legal, then why the secrecy. At any event Radio One seems to be "A"-ed out as far as any legal recourse against Hegwood, who not only ran its stations programming in Atlanta, but at one time Washington DC as well.

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